About Littler Books

Hi! My name is Steven. I am an engineer and artist based in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. I made Littler Books to help myself and others learn more effectively.

I often found myself unable to remember what I had learned from reading non-fiction books. Frustrated by this, I began summarizing them into their essential ideas using bullet points to make them as digestible as possible. Over time, as I built a solid collection of summaries, I realized that others could benefit greatly from these summaries. So, I decided to share them with the world, leading to the conception of Littler Books.

Today, we have 130+ quality book summaries written and edited by humans (no AI hallucinations here!) with new summaries being added every week.

We do not have any advertisements, as we value the best reading experience possible and your privacy. Please consider supporting us by subscribing. You'll gain access to our Master Collection (a constantly updating book of all of our summaries) and many more perks. The price is also about 91% lower than other book-summarizing subscription services.

Happy learning!

Yoda the dog, the mascot of Littler Books Yoda, unwitting Littler Books mascot